Turner means “gymnast” in German.  A German gymnastics movement was started by Turner “Vater” (“father”) Friedrich Ludwig Jahn in the early 19th century during the time of Napoleon’s occupation in Germany.  The tradition of gymnastics continues at Turner Hall with recreational gymnastics classes!

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Pre-School (ages 3-5) Class Description

Beginning with basic motor skill development such as jumping, rolling, and balancing and progressing into beginning skills on all gymnastics events (bars, beam, floor, and vault). Children will be encouraged to progress at their own pace in a safe, fun, and structured environment. Parents should accompany their child and observe during class. (45 minute class)

Level 1/2 Class Description

This combined level focuses on beginning gymnastics skills on all events (bars, beam, floor, and vault). Skills such as bridge-ups, kick-overs, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, various styles of mounts, walks, hops, and dismounts on beam, glides and pullovers on bars, and squat-ons on the vault, as well as flexibility, coordination, and strength. Skills will progress in difficulty depending on each child. Previous gymnastics experience not required. (60 minute class)

Level 3/4 Class Description

This combined level focuses on intermediate gymnastics skills on all events. Prior skill requirements to this level include skills covered in level 1 and 2. Skills worked in this level include back walk-overs, back extension rolls, handstand forward rolls, and round-offs on floor; pullovers, casts, back hip circles, and tap swings on bars; cartwheels on low beam, leaps, arabesques, and mounts and dismounts on high beam; and handstand with spot onto the vault. Skills will progress in difficulty depending on each child. (60 minute class)

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