Sound Minds: A Milwaukee Turners Podcast Debuts

Taking to the virtual airwaves for the first ever Milwaukee Turners podcast, co-hosts Claudio Cortes, Jarrett English and Nicholas La Joie recently chatted a bit about Turners identity, old and new, and why being a part of our 166-year-old civic organization is as important today as it ever has been before. Discussing some of the challenges that face our city and nation, the group set a vision for future podcast episodes, including some insightful guests that we hope will offer meaningful and candid conversations on topics such as social justice, civil rights, criminal justice reform and gymnasium events. Join our growing list of already hundreds of subscribers and tune in now to listen to the pilot episode of Sound Minds: A Milwaukee Turners Podcast, available on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher. The podcast is also available directly from our website here and new episodes will post automatically when they become available. 

Want to hear more on a topic you think we should cover? Do you have an idea for a future episode or a different perspective you think should be discussed?

We value your participation and interactivity in creating this podcast and want to hear what you have to say. Email me at with your thoughts and we may produce a podcast episode on that very subject!