About Us


Today, the Milwaukee Turners are providing our urban community a full service place for all ages.  No gasoline, but fuel for the mind and body in a great atmosphere at Turner Hall, a National Historic Landmark.  From children learning gymnastics in a safe environment to senior ladies keeping sharp, the Turners offer a broad array of programs in the Milwaukee Turner tradition.  Non-partisan political programs and our climbing wall provide young activists two ways to engage.  Our tenants in the Tavern at Turner Hall and the Historic Turner Ballroom likewise offer sustenance (literally) and entertainment for everyone from near and far to enjoy.  

What makes Turners special is that our approach is based on Turner principles and a history spanning 165 years of Milwaukee history.  Founded by refugees from the failed 1848 revolution against tyranny in Europe today the Milwaukee Turners is open to all.  In some respects, the Turners remain an immigrant society, but above all we carry on our founders’ tradition of social justice.

The Milwaukee Turners, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable group with members governed by a volunteer board of directors.

The Milwaukee Turners are a community asset in the heart of Milwaukee.  It welcomes you and your family.